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Terms of service / Privacy policy

Privacy Policy
We care about protection of privacy and Personal Information. We employ reasonable precautions to protect the information collected through the doriTBI.

Accessing the doriTBI
In order to administer the doriTBI, an account must be created by a professional. This professional will then become a doriTBI Test Administrator. Professionals that may sign up to become doriTBI Test Administrators include: teachers, school nurses, counselors, speech/language pathologists, therapists, and other school or medical professionals.

Collection or use of Personal Information
The doriTBI collects minimal Personal Information. The information collected includes: current grade and gender. This information is stored on a secure server and is only accessible through secure login from the doriTBI Test Administrator. When completing the doriTBI, the doriTBI Test Administrator will answer questions based on their perspective of the child/student’s current symptoms and presentation. This information is then used to develop interventions.

Protection of Personal Information
It is the doriTBI Test Administrator’s responsibility to keep their user login password protected as well as any information generated by the doriTBI. Further, it is the doriTBI Test Administrator’s responsibility to secure doriTBI reports printed or downloaded to their computer and are encouraged to use security measures such as encryption for all reports generated through this system.

Retention of Information
Information entered into the doriTBI will be stored on a secure server. The only Personal Information collected will be: current grade and gender.

Test Administrator Responsibility

doriTBI Test Administrator Responsibility
As a doriTBI Test Administrator, you have the responsibility to safe guard your user login and password as well as any reports generated through this system. We encourage you to use encryption when saving any reports generated from this system to your computer. If printing reports, it is your responsibility to keep these documents safe and secure. Because the doriTBI does not collect child/student name or date of birth, it is the doriTBI Test Administrator’s responsibility to keep track of any reports generated and what child/student these reports were generated for. The doriTBI reports are designed to identify interventions that will be helpful for a child/student in a school setting and therefore, are designed for use by those professionals who interact with the child in a school setting. It is the doriTBI Test Administrator’s responsibility to obtain appropriate consent to gather, implement, and share this information with parents and other professionals.